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What we have been always doing is to acquire properties.

We do not limit ourselves to a specific category, but look for opportunities in different typologies, ensuring diversification of investments.

Our targets are residential properties and commercial premises, offices, shops, warehouses and land.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration and conversion of castles and period homes. This requires a unique combination of passion and technical skills.

The main source of acquisition is represented by properties subjected to enforcement procedures, distressed real estate assets, with a particular focus on JUDICIAL AUCTIONS, direct negotiations with creditors i.e. Full and Final Settlement, the non-performing loans better known as NPLs.

When interesting opportunities are identified, GSI Plc is able to act effectively even on the free real estate market

All GSI Plc operations are regulated by a financing contract intended for the specific deal, filed with the Italian State Revenue Agency.

If you become our investor we are able to offer you the best guarantees. How?

  1.  Corporate Structure: Ours is a joint-stock company, thus offering guarantees to investors by eliminating co-responsibility with the company itself and guaranteeing an extraordinary simplification of all tax aspects related to investments.
  2.  Accounting and Budget: Each operation has its own accounting, its own budget and the final distribution of profits at the end of each operation which has an average duration of 18 months.
  3.  Opportunity analysis: We can offer you the best opportunities, after selecting thousands of practices.

    Our latest transactions allowed our lenders to achieve an EBITDA of 33%. Earn money with us!

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